Laserscope Aura Laser Mobile

Laserscope Aura Laser: Spider Vein Rosacea Sun Spot Removal

This is our busiest laser with its pinpoint accuracy to treat superficial vessels all over the body, without a bruise! This laser also is very useful to remove lentigines (small brown spots), seborrheic keratosis (raised pigmented lesions), and birth marks with minimal pigment changes.

Dr. Lyons uses his Pencil Laser, a 532nm Laserscope Aura Laser that vaporizes facial vessels and spider veins. It also helps with skin rejuvenation and rosacea flair {red flushing}. This unit is the most popular and often used laser in our office. Best technology choice for treating skin lesions, vascular lesions, and sun spots {large freckles}.


Patients with specific questions about Dr. Lyons’ use of our Aura Laserscope for treating spider veins and other vascular lesions are invited to contact us at (251) 344-0044 to arrange a private consult. For your convenience, our on-line Contact Form can be used to obtain needed answers about treatment choices and results.

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