Introducing Lipo-EX Mobile

Lipo-EX: An Introduction

During a body sculpting treatment that uses our new Lipo-EX radio frequency device, Dr. Lyons provides a quick introduction into the basics of what now provides a totally non invasive treatment choice for patients seeking to remove unwanted body fat and superb skin tightening.

Hear some astonishing facts about how our Mobile and Gulf Coast patients are losing inches and pounds in days and weeks rather than months.

The non invasive properties of this new procedure choice now enables patients to apply treatments to virtually any part of the body, including face and neck.

For more details about treatment possibilities and outcomes watch our longer video fully narrated by Dr. Lyons.


Learn more about this new choice in fat reduction procedures and why it is rapidly becoming the most requested treatment in our practice. Body sculpting and enhancement is more easily managed than ever before.

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