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Kathy – A Real Patient’s Story

Kathy came to Dr Lyons for Dual Laser Lipo Sculpting. She is very satisfied with her results and happy with her new look.

Click HERE to watch her testimonial video.

Stem Cell Fat Transfer – Case Study

Enjoy a video of a youthful transformation using eyelid surgery, laser neck lift procedure, CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment, and Stem Cell Fat Transfer to the Cheeks, Chin, and Lips.

Click here to watch the video.

Body Sculpting Procedure Update: Introducing Lipo-EX

Dr. Lyons provides a brief introduction to our newest and most advanced technology (Radio Frequency Device) that has redefined the meaning of Non Invasive body sculpting and fatty tissue removal. During a body sculpture treatment session Dr. Lyons highlights Radio Frequency principles that enables patients to lose inches and pounds of unwanted weight without surgery and discomfort in just a few treatment sessions.

Click here to watch our 1 minute video of Dr. Lyons describing our latest addition of treatment choices for body sculpting.

Lipo-EX Live Procedure Demonstration and Benefit Analysis

While a patient relaxes and undergoes treatment that feels like a warm stone massage, Dr. Lyons provides a more detailed analysis of the Lipo-EX procedure, non invasive features of treatment, along with the benefits of rapid fat tissue reduction both in body and tissue fat (located in any location) and visceral fat. Long term benefits that have ramifications for maintaining good vascular health and circulatory health are also discussed.

Click here to watch this 4 minute video to discover why this procedure is becoming a popular favorite.

Laserscope Aura Laser: Skin Rejuvenation

Dr. Lyons’ Medical staff using his Pencil Laser, a 532nm Laserscope Aura Laser that vaporizes facial vessels and spider veins. It also helps with skin rejuvenation and rosacea flair {red flushing}. This unit is the most popular and often used laser in our office. Best technology choice for treating skin lesions, vascular lesions, and sun spots {large freckles}.

Click here to watch this interesting procedure.

ReFirme Laser Treatments: Tissue Tightening and Lifts

The ReFirme Laser device performs collagen remodeling and skin tightening primarily in the Face and Neck areas. Marked skin tightening is appreciated around the eyes. Patients also appreciate good results over thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms. The ReFirme technology is additionally use for producing an instant Browlift, Jowlift, and Liplift. When combined with the Fractional and Skin Rejuvenation wavelengths we see dramatic Facial Rejuvenation {this combination is called the Trinity}.

Click here to watch how facial tissue tightening and procedures are peformed with ReFirme.

Fractional Laser: Skin Resurfacing – Tightening – Wrinkle Removal

A live treatment demonstration of our Fractional Laser. This is the most advanced non ablative skin resurfacing laser currently available. This laser smooths out wrinkles, tightens skin, reduces acne scars, treats melasma and age spots. A remarkable technology that re-texturizes the skin.

Click here to watch how complete facial procedures are peformed with Fractional laser technology.

NBC Television Interview:

Dr. Lyons was interviewed by NBC news regarding the new Laser Liposuction procedure that has redefined how minimally invasive body sculpting can be. A patient who was treated with laser lipo for recreating the body profile she had prior to pregnancy describes her treatment success experiences.

Click here to watch the television interview.

Plastic Surgery Practice Review:

A 15 minute video created by Dr. Lyons that provides an overview of our practice and the various choices of cosmetic procedures available for enhancing or changing facial cosmetics, body sculpting, body and facial rejuvenation and others that incorporate the newest developments in laser technologies. Patients have more choices in minimally invasive and non invasive treatments that can make you look great and feel great.

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