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Voluma XC Injectable Gel

(Mid-Facial Revolumization to correct age related atrophy)

Announcing Voluma injectable gel, the first and only filler that is FDA approved to add volume to the Cheek area. This Revolutionary Hyaluronic Acid helps to restore a subtle lift and a more youthful profile. Hyaluronic acid is a natural occurring component of the skin that we lose as we age. The sought after “high cheek bones” seen in models and actresses can be recreated with this filler. The gel has been noted to last over 2 years and is indicated for patients over 21. The dramatic increase in contour and cheek fullness seen in patients injected with Voluma helps to restore this atrophied area. The reduction in “Crow’s Feet” is seen with correction of the volume deficit in the cheek mound.The result of the injection of Voluma Gel into the cheeks creates an immediate lifting of the nasal fold, midface, and jowl region. Regular Juvederm smooths out wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth, Voluma is designed to primarily Re-Volumize the Cheek region. Voluma is injected into the subcutaneous tissue in the tear trough region and supraperiosteal laterally over the malar bone.The average patient will need 2 to 4 ml (2 to 4 syringes) for adequate correction. Some patients may require further augmentation after waiting 2 weeks for reassessment.

Post Injection Care

Patients may resume regular activities within 24 hours. Patients may encounter mild swelling and bruising at the injection site (avoidance of aspirin, coumadin, & nsaids is recommended). Patients may encounter lumpiness, itching, and tenderness for the first 2 weeks after injection. Patients are encouraged to have minimal sun and heat exposure for 24 hours after injection. Strenuous activity is also to be avoided during this time period. Good hygiene will help prevent injection site infections.


Voluma is contraindicated in patients that have a history of severe allergies especially with anaphylaxis. The gel is not indicated for those that have a history to lidocaine or gram positive bacterial proteins. The product is not to be used in pregnant or nursing mothers or in patients with a compromised immune status.

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