CO2 Fractional Laser Mobile

The CO2 Fractional Laser is a safe, effective and long-lasting treatment for:

  • Wrinkles
  • Pigmented Areas
  • Fine Lines
  • Acne Scars
  • Sun Damage
  • Skin Texture Problem Areas

If you are looking to enhance your appearance and reduce the signs of aging with minimal downtime, we recommend the CO2 Fractional Laser. Dr. Lyons performs this procedure personally, because this laser is ablative (as opposed to a non-ablative laser). Both non-ablative and ablative lasers can improve wrinkles, discolorations, fine lines, skin texture, and acne scars. Ablative lasers offer quicker and more dramatic results. Ablative laser resurfacing means that the epidermis is ablated or removed which creates a controlled first degree injury. The skin is strengthened by the rebuiling of collagen and elastin.

Lasers offer very specific wavelengths of light that target certain colors and conditions in the skin. The CO2 Fractional Laser offers enhanced results with only a few days of redness. Some patients report slight swelling for 3 to 4 days on average. The CO2 Fractional Laser repairs and restores your skin to a more youthful appearance while providing wrinkle reduction, overall skin tightening and skin texture improvement while building collagen. We have seen a marked reduction in nasal skin thickness (Rhinophyma), and skin tightening around the eyes and mouth. Results are similar to those achieved with dermabraision with 1/3 the downtime! Performing this procedure with Fat Grafting we are able to repair acne scars, deep folds and wrinkles, and tighten neck skin mimicking a neck tuck procedure. We have received marvelous results in treating the face, neck, chest, and hands.





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As a person gains wisdom and experience they also loose collagen. Visible signs of aging begin to appear. Daily stress, exposure to UV rays, medications and other environmental elements can cause the skin to show premature wrinklers and discoloration. There is a loss of volume with lines, wrinkles, and brown spots becoming more evident. The CO2 Fractional Laser will enhance the elasticity and skin’s strength, giving it a smoother, tighter texture. You will also notice a reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation (brown spots).

Prior to treatment: We start with a cosmetic consultation which costs $50.00. This consultation fee can be applied for up to six months toward any procedure. At your personal and private consultation your concerns will be addressed. Recommendations will be presented and explained, giving you a better idea of what to expect.

How long does the procedure take?

We ask patients to arrive 1 hour prior to treatment for a numbing gel to be applied. Medication will be prescribed in order to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. The actual procedure (depending on how many areas) usually takes 45 to 60 minutes. Adding more areas also adds more treatment time.

What does the CO2 Fractional Laser treatment feel like?

The high speed Ultra Fine Scanner will direct a grid pattern of tiny pulses of light at the skin. Every pulse delivers a grid pattern of energy that reaches skin’s dermal layer. Prior to your treatment, options have been discussed with your physician about the amount of correction needed. A treatment consent is signed about the amount of energy to be used, along with the grid pattern delivered by the laser. This all depends upon the degree of correction that you and your physician have decided on. The laser beam has been fractionated – meaning small areas of treated and un-treated skin are part of the grid pattern. The un-treated aeas help to heal the treated areas. This process stimulates a natural healing process by your body to stimulate your own collagen and repair the controlled injury to the skin. Please keep in mind that each treatment is individually tailored to a specific goal. Downtime varies amongst each individual.

How much does the treatment cost?

The full face is $1500.00. You can add the neck for $500.00. Ladies should consider adding their DeColletage (chest area) for an additional $500.00 for an overall enhanced appearance. The population in general looks at your eyes first. Their gaze then encompasses the full face, neck, chest and hands. Women should consider their DeColletage (chest) because the eye tkees in the 3 front areas of face, neck, and DeColletage in a glance.

What do I do after the treatment?

Prior to leaving the office a Copper Cream will be applied to soothe the skin and promote healing. Your skin may feel hot and appear red; however, the heat of your skin will dissipate usually in an hour or two. You should have a driver to take you home due to the medications you have taken. Once home some patients experience slight swelling depending on the desired outcome and depth of treatment. We recommend patients stay indoors for a few days while applying the Copper Cream, keeping the skin from becoming dry. Do not pick at any places of your face or scrub your face harshly. Keep the cream on your face to promote healing.

How long should I expect the results to last?

This procedure, even though it heals within a few days, shows continuous improvement for up to 3 months, and results remain fairly constant over the next 12 to 18 months.

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