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The Synergy of two treatment modalities has been well appreciated in the practice of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery for quite sometime, especially seen when separate layers of the skin are treated at the same time. Take for example subcisioning (undermining an acne scar at the level of the deep dermis with a hypodermic needle, followed by resurfacing the same skin with a CO2 Fractional Laser), when combined an amazing remodeling of the skin appears. Of course when one adds a filler such as one’s own fat, there are even more dramatic improvements due to release of growth factors. So each treatment seems to “Build” upon the next.

The Synergy of the Ulthera with the CO2 Fractional Laser achieves remarkable changes at 3 levels of the skin. When one treats the deepest layer of the face, neck, hands, and chest with the Ulthera an appreciable amount of collagen production in the fibromuscular layer occurs, and a lifting ensues. Traveling superficially, one sees dramatic deep skin tightening with the Ulthera’s treatment along with collagen production in the reticular dermis of the skin. And finally using the CO2 Fractional Laser a safe and effective resurfacing of the epidermal/dermal zone produces a brighter, polished, and tighter appearance. This device retexturizes the skin, reduces wrinkles, and reduces risks of premalignant lesions transforming into malignancies. The CO2 Fractional Laser also tightens the eyelid skin. On specific settings it can also be used to remove lesions.

“NOW and LATER” a combination of Ultherapy (ultrasonic energy) & Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing


  1. Immediate Brightening, Polishing, Tightening, and Retexturization of the SKIN (face, neck, chest, and hands) as a result of the CO2 FRACTIONAL LASER
  2. Removal of Superficial Lesions (esp. sun damaged skin), Reduction of Superficial Wrinkles (esp. around mouth and eyes), Increased Skin Tightening
  3. Safe, Effective, and Reliable treatment technique to reduce the appearance of Aging and Sun Damaged Skin by Increasing Collagen Production
  4. Minimal recovery time, in office procedure, topical and local anesthesia are commonly used, dramatic results


  1. Ulthera utilizes advanced ultrasonic technology which produces deep and intermediate collagen production at both the Fibromuscular Layer and the Deep Dermis
  2. Fibromuscular collagen formation produces Facial, Neck, & Chest Lifting which requires 90 to 120 days of time to see these dramatic results
  3. This “ULTRALIFT” can be performed on Men and Women of any age past puberty
  4. Deep Dermal collagen formation produces Facial, Neck, & Chest Tightening which requires 60 to 90 days to witness remarkable rejuvenation
  5. Ultherapy is Safe, Effective, Reliable, and performed in the office with local and topical anesthesia, no downtime required

Ulthera and CO2

Ulthera and CO2

Ulthera and CO2