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New Laser Based Treatment Possibilities

With our recent additions of new laser technologies, Dr. Lyons is now providing Cosmetic Neck Lifts that are redefining how neck lift surgery can be provided to patients.

Dual Laser Treatment Before

Dual Laser Post Op

An alternative to traditional, surgically based neck surgery, Dr. Lyons provides a treatment plan that incorporates the use of two (2) Lasers and a sequence of comfortable, minimally invasive procedures that creates a more youthful face and neck line with significantly reduced recovery time and reduced cost.

Dr. Lyons’ Dual Laser Neck Lift combines the use of the Smart Lipo Laser, Erchonia Laser, Micrograft fat transfer, and a mild chemical peel.

Procedure – Protocol

  • Phase 1
    • The Erchonia Laser is used first to help liquefy the fat and ease the removal of fat cells. It also helps to reduce bruising, bleeding, and accelerates healing time.
    • The Smart Lipo Laser is then used to remove unwanted neck and jowl fat, tighten skin, and reduce bruising. Through two (2) tiny openings (under chin – under earlobe) Dr. Lyons uses the laser to melt away the unwanted fatty deposits, tightens collagen in the skin, and coagulates vessels.
    • Dramatic skin tightening results appear within one (1) week after surgery and continues up to an observed two (2) months.
  • Phase 2
    Dr. Lyons gently harvests the patient’s own fat from their lower abdomen. After purifying the tissue, it is transferred to the deficient areas of the aging face. The revolumizing of the midface with fat grafts revives collagen production in the skin. This portion of the surgery restores harmony and balance to the aging face, and fills any defects present from trauma and acne scars.
  • Phase 3
    The final phase of Dr. Lyons’ treatment protocol involves a medium depth chemical peel. The T.C.A. 15% acid is a very mild peel that reduces fine lines, wrinkles and evidence of previous sun damage. The polishing and brightening of the skin is evident within 4 days.

The Dual Laser Neck Lift is best suited for Men and Women past their 30′s, that have an inherited fullness in their Jowls and unwanted Fatty Tissue under their chin. It is also indicated as a touch up procedure to improve a previous procedure that required further neck tightening.

Visit our photo gallery to see more before and after pictures of how Dr. Lyons’ laser treatments are being used by our patients.