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Non Surgical Cosmetic Laser Technologies

Dr. Lyons is one of the few Plastic Surgeons in the Southern Alabama and the Gulf Coast region to have a full complement of laser technologies for practically every popular cosmetic procedure.

Laser technologies continue to redefine what is possible in terms of facial and body rejuvenation and can provide patients with more choices for changing or enhancing how they look and how they feel.

Dr. Lyons has several wavelength types (types of laser devices) in his practice. It is the variation in the length of pulsed laser light waves and the specific design of the instrument that determines the application or procedure that is performed.

Fractional Head {1540nm}
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Has numerous small micro thermal zones (mtz) that are 1mm in size and about 1mm apart…like a laser Micro cleat on the face. The non injured skin helps to repair the controlled injury more rapidly for skin resurfacing. This laser is the most incredible laser we have to build collagen, reduce wrinkles, reduce brown spots, improve scars {old and new}, and resurface the skin. We have also used it on stretch marks with over 50% improvement after 4 treatments.
ReFirme ST Head (1200nm)
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Skin Tightening laser, helps tighten skin, targeting the deep collagen bundles in the dermis
SR Head {585-985nm} Skin Rejuvenation wavelength that reduces hyperpigmentation {brown spots} and superficial vessels
SRA Head {495nm-985nm} Skin Rejuvenation Advanced – a more aggressive wavelength that will get resistant browns and reds on the face while continuing to build collagen and tighten the skin with the synergy of both radio frequency and optical energy (ELOS technology)
Aura-i (532nm)
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Small 1mm spot laser that targets small vessels on the face and neck {spider veins, vessels less than 1-1.5mm in diameter}, without causing a bruised look
Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing (10,600nm) This Laser is the Gold Standard for Skin Resurfacing. This device lightens sun damaged areas, polishes blemishes, brightens overall skin tone, tightens even resistant wrinkles, and retexturizes the deep layers the skin of the Face, Hands, Neck, and Chest. It is very useful to tighten Eyelid, Perioral (around the mouth), and Neck skin. Mild sedation and local regional blocks make this procedure almost painless. Patients require mild skin care for a few days after the porcedure. The entire staff have been so impressed with the results of this Laser that most of them have also undergone treatment with it. This treatment is often part of the Laser Custom Weekend Facelift, as well as the Signature Facelift. Click Here!
DS Head {685-985nm} Permanent hair reduction, preferred laser for getting rid of moustaches and facial hair
Erchonia Medical Laser (635nm)
A “Cold Laser”, it does not generate heat. Uses a photomechanical effect only on fluid filled fat cells. It creates a pore in the adipocytes membrane and allows the free fatty acids, triglycerides, and cholesterol to leak out of the cell. This laser reduces bruising, bleeding, swelling, eases extraction and reduces pain.

This Laser is used during liposuction surgery to liquefy fat and ease extraction. Due to its action on the fat cells it reduces discomfort, reduces bruising and bleeding, and accelerates healing. This laser also is used post operatively to reduce swelling and accelerate healing.

Smart Lipo Laser (1064 nm)
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Part of Dual Laser Lipocontouring. Targets 3 areas: the fat cells, the collagen in the deep dermis of the skin, and blood vessels. The added benefit of this laser includes added fat cell destruction, skin tightening {especially beneficial for older or larger patients}, reduced bleeding and bruising. For some patients, this laser treatment can reduce sweating when armpits are treated.
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This exciting Body Remodeling device uses Radiofrequency energy (likened to a Hot Stone Massage) to bulk heat
the superficial, mid, and deep fat layers of our body and dissolve the fatty contents of these fat cells so that our bodies can excrete and metabolize the stores. The targeted fat is primarily the Stubborn Dietary Resistant variety found in our thighs, lower abdomen, and hips. There is no downtime for this hour long treatment and one can usually see dramatic results even after the Second and Third Treatment.
Acoustic Wave Therapy {AWT} AWT uses sonic wave energy to remodel the superficial skin and fat layers of the body. It also is useful for tendon and ligament problems such as Plantar Faciitis. The device creates amazing changes in patients with Cellulite, skin and soft tissue irregularities, and post op liposuction lumpiness. There is no down time and the treatment takes less than 30 minutes. This device works synergistically with the Lipo_Ex and we call it “Lipo_Ex Plus”. The Added benefits of two devices using different energies to remodel this tissue and tighten skin is remarkable.
Palomar Q-Switched Yag (532nm  & 1064nm) A tattoo laser that fragments the iron oxide pigment in the skin and allows the body’s own white blood cells to remove them from the site. The lower wavelength targets red, orange, yellow, light green colors while the longer wavelength targets dark green, blue, indigo and violet. Utilization of both wavelengths assures removal of the most stubborn or resistant tattoos. This Laser also treats Toenail Fungus, as can be seen in photos. The treatment usually takes one hour and needs 2-3 Retreatments, 6 weeks apart.
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