Cellular Hair Restoration Mobile

With the continued improvements in harvesting growth factors from our blood and tissues in order to stimulate and “up regulate” regeneration of our cells, an emerging technology has taken place. These devices use a patient’s own blood products containing over 23 growth factors and stem cells to stimulate regeneration and repair of tissues. Upon drawing blood from the patient, the P.R.P. (platelet rich plasma) is separated and mixed with vitamins and a stem cell inducing agent to obtain this cellular stimulation. The result in this case is Increased growth of existing hair, Stimulation of Resting Hair Follicles, and Stimulation of Dormant Hair Stem Cells.

Will this procedure put hair on a completely bald head like a hair transplant would? The answer is NO. During your consultation you will be informed of supplements, DHT blockers, and vitamins that will also help retard hair loss and stimulate new hair growth.This procedure is designed for men and women who are experiencing hair loss in their 20′s to 60′s that are not responding to hormonal, nutritional, or vitamin optimization. This is an outpatient procedure, requires no down time, and results can be seen in as little as a few months with repeat procedures being performed at 5-6 week intervals. The stimulatory effects and improvements in hair regeneration continue for 2 years, and the 50.00 consult fee is deducted for the cost of any procedure.

The procedure begins by drawing blood from the patient and placing numbing cream around the borders of the scalp. The major sensory nerves to the scalp are blocked with lidocaine. The P.R.P. is spun and separated in the centrifuge. The vitamin mix with a product called A-Cell is injected first into the scalp to stimulate growth and induce stem cell migration. The P.R.P. is then injected in the area of hair loss to supply a matrix of nutrients and additional growth factors. The Rejuvapen is then used to superficially incorporate the platelet poor plasma into the surface of the scalp. One can wash their hair the very next day. Minimal swelling is noted which recedes in 24 hours.