Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)


After nearly 30 years of improving the appearance of patients Externally, I have now found a way to rejuvenate the same person internally as well! With Aging comes a gradual decay of body Function and Structure. Part of this decay includes a reduction in bone fullness, collagen thickness and an overall reduction in cellular metabolism. Hormone levels drop as we age. These same Hormones are responsible for so many positive benefits including; increased Bone Mineral Density, increased Libido and increased Skin Collagen. BHRT has been shown to increase Muscle Mass, reduce Cholesterol, reduce Fatigue, reduce Anxiety, reduce Depression, reduce Insomnia, improved erectile function, Renewed interest in Life, and a new found Energy. Additional benefits of Bio-Identical Hormone therapy (Hormones with the exact same molecular structure as your own derived from Yams) include: an improvement in Insulin sensitivity for Diabetics, a reduction in atherosclerosis of heart vessels, and a reduction in the mid abdominal fat accumulation. Optimizing these Hormone levels utilizing Hormone Pellets inserted under the skin each 4 to 6 months has helped MEN and WOMEN to improve their quality of life as well as enhance and maintain their cosmetic surgery procedures.

Anti-Aging treatments include evaluating and supplementing one’s Nutritional intake, Vitamin therapy, and Optimizing Hormone levels utilizing Bio-Identical Hormones. Physical and Emotional Stress seem to speed up the Aging Process. Even the Psychiatric Community is evaluating Hormone Levels as an organic cause of depression, quite often treating the patient with Hormone Optimization prior to initiating anti-depressant medications. So many Medications, Occupations, and Life experiences markedly reduce the circulating hormone levels in both men and women. Surgical procedures such as a complete hysterectomy will immediately have a profound effect on circulating estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in women.

Adding a regimen of Testosterone therapy for men and a combination of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone for women from a Bio-Identical source has proven to Restore Energy, Increase Libido, Increase Bone Mineral Density, Reduce Insulin Resistance, Lower Cholesterol, and increase Muscle Mass. In men after the age of 40, there is a reduction in testosterone by 20% and another 2% drop each year thereafter. So by a man’s mid 40′s, with a great deal of stress and a few medical problems there is a noticeable decline in activity and a gradual mid abdominal fatty deposition. Women notice hot flashes in pre-menopause in their late 30′s and with gradual frustrations of irregular menstrual cycles and night sweats, they are in their doctor’s office seeking therapy. Synthetic hormones will reduce some of these symptoms and are usually covered by Insurance, but they also have more additives and side effects than the BHRT hormone therapies.

So to not only look your best but also to feel your best, anti-aging therapy including BHRT has been found to be highly effective. Lab tests for these hormone levels are usually covered by insurance, even though the creams and pellets are not. One of the most Physiologic and Natural ways to deliver hormones to men and women is through BHRT Pellet therapy. This simple outpatient insertion of the medication is performed with a needle in the lateral aspect of the hip area. It does not involve sutures or pain medication, so there is no downtime. Take the Quiz to see if you are a candidate for one of the most energizing anti-aging treatments available.

Live Life to the Fullest.

Men and Women should review the information below and if you answered yes to any of these questions then contact us to find out what your current levels are and how you can enjoy life to the fullest.

What are your symptoms

1. Do you look and feel your best?

2. Do you have all the energy you want to enjoy life?

3. Are you stressed, lack confidence or feeling depressed?

4. Have you gained weight especially around the midsection?

5. Do you experience brain fog, or find it harder to focus?

6. Do you have night sweats and/or hot flashes?

7. Have you lost that loving feeling, or experience less interest in sex?

8. Are you having hair loss and/or feel cold all the time?

9. Are you experiencing headaches, migraines or joint pain?

10. Are you experiencing painful intercourse or problems with Erectile Dysfunction?

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