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Rhinoplasty is the name given to the operation whose purpose is to correct deformities of the nose. The procedure consists of removing any excess bone and/or cartilage and then modifying and reshaping the nose into a shape that is usually defined by the patient or by the need to improve normal function.

Nose Reshaping: Popular Cosmetic Procedure

Most rhinoplasties are performed because the patient desires an improvement in appearance; he or she may simply want a nose that is in harmony with the rest of the face. Patients with high visibility careers or professions are frequently motivated to create a balance in facial features that has favorable impact on their interactions with others.

Models, actors, one-on-one care providers, business executives, lecturers … to name a few, often undergo treatments to augment their “presence” and profile. As many patients have attested, nose reshaping can impact many different careers.

Older patients too, often elect to use rhinoplasty to overcome any perceived disfigurement especially in situations where breathing difficulties developed over the years due perhaps to mild trauma or complications with sinus and air way passages.

In severe cases involving compromised sinus tissues and membranes, nose reshaping can easily create the relief and ease of breathing that medications alone cannot reliably produce.

Treatment Protocol

Prior to surgery, photographs are taken in order to study the nose and face, as well as plan the treatment, incorporating the patient’s input concerning aesthetics and/or function.

The aesthetic goal is to not only improve the shape of the nose, but also the overall appearance of the entire face, assuring there is a good balance that complements, rather than detracts from, overall facial features.

Sketches are created to compare the different qualities and types of changes that can be made. Computer simulations are also used with patient photographs as a final test of the cosmetic or functional goal.

Cosmetic – Functional Balance

Most of our nose surgery patients tend to be more focused on the aesthetic outcome of a nose reshaping treatment. For this group of patients, Dr. Lyons assures that the functional aspects of treatment are maintained.

Other patients, who tend to be more focused on the functional aspect of surgery (e.g., nose trauma, deviated septum, membrane tissue complications, overall breathing function) are similarly assured an attractive cosmetic result that accompanies the functional goals. No unwanted surprises.

Surgical treatments of any kind are commonly influenced by tissue conditions and characteristics that can be unknown prior to surgery.

Our patients are counseled to appreciate a range of cosmetic and/or functional change that is acceptable.


Nose surgery is commonly used to shorten, lengthen, straighten, smooth out, turn up or turn down a wide variety of nose shapes, as well as restore normal breathing function. Patients seeking specific information about cosmetic or functional possibilites are invited to call our office to schedule a consultation to learn more directly from Dr. Lyons.

The best information is objective information to assure an informed decision for seeking treatment.

Before & After Photos

Large male Roman noseBefore
Roman nose made smallerAfter