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Micrografting – Invisigrafts

Hair transplant procedures and technologies have evolved rapidly during the past few years. Minimally invasive treatment protocols now enable us to place anywhere from 350 to 1000 grafts in one treatment session, comfortably.

Hair Loss Syndrome
New Hair Young Look Again

As can be seen in the photographs above, a very remarkable transformation was achieved on a young man who began with an advanced hair loss pattern. Patients who have this type of hair loss typically undergo a series of treatments with micrografting and frontal hair softening with invisigrafts.

Severe hair loss
Thick full transplated hair

The feather zone type approach places small grafts into the frontal hairline and moderate size grafts in the middle zone. The use of a specialized microscope enables Dr. Lyons to perform micro-follicular hair dissection for graft harvesting (using healthy hair from a donor site) that is moved into the treatment area that assures fullness of coverage.

As reflected in our post operative after photo, our young patient looks as good as he feels.

Extreme Follicle Loss

The patient pictured below had a life history of extremely fine hair and a high forehead. Transplant procedures were used to replicate a hairline that the patient was most comfortable with and recreated the natural appearance he during his early adult years.

Male baldness before picture
Bald head cure

The before and after picture pairs below represent a fairly common pattern of male hairloss. Left untreated the remaining thinning area typically vanishes. Dr. Lyons was able to transplant an abundance of hair follicles that were harvested from the healthy areas of the scalp.

The cosmetic outcome had signficant impact on the patient’s now youthful appearance.

Losing hair follicles
New hair growth transplanted follicle
Hair too thin aging
Hair and age match good looks

The gentleman pictured here has a treatment need that is similar to the case discussed above. The patient has an abundance of thick, healthy hair on the sides and back of his head, experiencing follicle loss only on top…. from the crown to the forehead area.

Mega session treatments (large numbers of transplants in the fewest number of appointments) redistributed the harvested healthy hair efficiently, resulting in an overall appearance of never having transplant procedures performed.

Follicle loss
Healthy hair follicle growth

Experience and Technology

With over 20 years of surgical hair replacement experience and hundreds of transplants performed each year with a near 100% success rate, Dr. Lyons has the technical know how, creativity and talent to create optimum results for nearly any hair replacement need.

For many patients, we are able to refine or enhance previous hair transplant procedures with efficiency and, most importantly, with very dramatic results.

Comfort and Privacy

Discomfort associated with hair transplant procedures is essentially a non-event. Medications are used as needed to assure ease of treatment for all patients. The progression through treatments produces natural changes in appearance that almost defy detection.


Patients considering hair transplant procedures are invited to contact our office for a consultation. As always, our consultation fee is applied to the cost of any procedure.

Learn why hair transplants for men have become one of the most popular image enhancement services being sought by men who want to retain the youthful good looks that matches their lifestyle and energy level.