Makeovers Mobile

Mobile’s Own Extreme Makeover Contest

A few years ago Dr. Lyons and several local businesses developed and sponsored an Extreme Makeover Contest, under the direction of Dr. Lyons and a local cosmetic dentist.

Cosmetic Makeover Contest Winner
Contest Winner

A full range of cosmetic plastic surgeries and procedures were used creatively to complement the full mouth makeover the patient was provided.

The dramatic changes were significant. As with many of our cosmetic makeovers, the patient underwent the “makeover experience”…. which essentially means that the benefits from cosmetic treatments generalized over into improvements in self confidence and overall social functioning.

Local Television and Radio stations were involved, along with clothing stores, restaurants, flower shops, hair stylists, makeup experts…. nearly every type of support service imagineable that our contest winner could have access to for creating her own makeover.

Original Mobile AL Makeover
Original Makeover
10 weeks Post Op

Extreme Results

Just about everyone involved with the makeover contest, from vendors to service providers, were as astounded as the patient was in getting a makeover result that erased 10 (maybe 15?) years from her overall appearance.

Unlike some contest winners, our patient has been proactive in maintaining the benefits of change, getting treatments that continue to maintain an appearance that reflects the way she feels.

Years Later

It has been over six (6) years now…. and our makeover patient looks and feels as great (actually greater) as she did when she underwent the original treatments and procedures.

Alabama Makeover Photo After
Never Ending Makeover
6 years Post Op

The most recent photo, shown here, seems to reflect a beautiful maturing of the glamor she felt years ago. Some who know her comment that she looks even better.

The Procedures

  • Davinci Porcelain Veneer Smile Line Reconstruction
  • Signature Facelift
  • Endoscopic Browlift
  • Stem Cell Facelift
  • Fat Transfer to: cheeks, lips, jawline, chin, brows and neck
  • TCA Peel

Effortless Upkeep

Stem cell fat transfer is one of today’s most advanced procedures that enables plastic surgeons to modify soft tissues with the utmost creativity and safety. Excess fatty tissue in unwanted areas is easily and non invasively removed (harvested) and then processed, creating a natural filler that mimics what Mother Nature provides.

The biochemical processes contained within the fatty tissue extract assures optimal healing and regeneration of tissue that integrates perfectly with surrounding tissues. No lumps, bumps, wrinkling, bulging or movement of this patient donated, hybrid filler material.

For more examples of what can be achieved with this latest advancement in cosmetic surgery, visit our Stem Cell Fat Transfer page.