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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery treatments are no longer the primary domain of women. More and more men are seeking treatments to overcome a variety of life experiences that often cause them to look older than their actual age.

Overcoming the Elements of Change

The normal activities of work and leisure can have increased incremental effects for men, especially those who, years ago, didn’t have access to the products commonly available today for protecting exposed areas of skin.

In the Gulf Shores area, in particular, Mother Nature’s elements can age skin at a geometric pace, especially for men and women who remain out of doors at an above average level. Wind, ultra violet light and the salt air can take it’s toll on the face, neck and arms.

Selective Treatment Combinations

The old adage that men tend to age gracefully that creates a sign of “character” that we are all used to hearing… it can nonetheless be a nuisance if premature aging is the result. Dr. Lyons has access to a variety of products and technologies that can be combined selectively to restore facial characteristics that compliment age…. rather than accelerate it.

Male Face Lift: Signature Lift for Men

Face Lift Male
Mens Plastic Surgery Face

In addition to the Signature Lift procedure, fat transfer and chemical peel was also provided to recreate the balance and texture of healthier, youthful facial skin. The upper eyelids were lifted to yield a more refreshed and awake look.

Face Lift Male
Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Face Lift Results – Treatment Options

Cosmetic changes in men can be as dramatic as the changes desired by women. The astounding changes that were created for this gentlemen is actually the use of a combination of technologies. Fractional Laser hybrid technology combined with custom use of fat cell transfer, Radiesse and skin treatment products changed the apparent age factor so much… that his true age almost defies estimation.

What is this man’s true age? 65? …. 45? … 55? …..(ask Dr. Lyons!)

Male Winkles Deep Brow Aging
Younger Face youthful skin Male
Deep Brow Wrinkles
Raidesse After Picture Male Face

Lunch Hour Face Lift

Our access to a growing number of minimally invasive and totally non-invasive plastic surgery procedures enables men (and women too) with busy lifestyles to create cosmetic changes that re-align how we feel and how we look in the amount of time that it takes to eat lunch.

Stressors exist nearly everywhere. Environmental stressors (heat, cold, UV rays, etc) can take their toll as easily as those stressors that are more man-made (e.g., job stress, work schedule stress, having a high visibility career, etc) that almost routinely create furrowed brows, frown lines, dark circles under the eyes and “tired eyes.”

The photos pictured here show how the creative use of Botox©, chemical peels and specialized tissue enhancement products (e.g., Radiesse) or our new Fat Transfer can erase the signs of stressors that are unique to all of us.

Men's Face Lift Non-surgical procedure
Botox Chemical Peel Filler Surgery Alternative