Chin Augmentation Mobile

Dr. Lyons uses a sculptor’s finesse to accent your profile and neckline and give more angularity to your face.

Very often it becomes necessary to recommend correction of a receding chin, alone or in conjunction with nasal or other facial plastic surgery procedures. This occurs because the facial plastic surgeon does not consider the chin an isolated feature, but, rather, as part of the face. More specifically, he thinks in terms of the best profile obtainable for the patient.

A medically constructed implant is the material used to increase chin projection. The surgery may be done under local or general anesthesia from the time of adolescence onward. The operation is performed through a small incision hidden underneath the chin. This procedure does not require that the patient be hospitalized. The acute healing is usually complete in one week.

It becomes very difficult to detect the presence of the material in the chin after a short time has elapsed because it has the same consistency as the surrounding tissues.

When is a chin implant most often used?

With the aid of computer imaging, Dr. Lyons will often recommend chin augmentation to balance a rhinoplasty or facelift in order to bring the face into more harmony.

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