Balloon Sinuplasty Mobile

As an Otolaryngologist and Facial Plastic surgeon, my goals are to continue enhancing both form and function. When it comes to the nose, a systematic approach is taken to not only improve its shape by correcting any distortion of bone or cartilage, but also to provide a healthier nasal function. Nasal and Sinus tissue are an integral part of this equation. Having been one of the first ENT’s in Mobile to perform Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, I introduced the procedure at a monthly departmental meeting at the Mobile Infirmary in 1987. After training at Johns Hopkins Hospital from the German Physicians that invented the technique the year before, I began to perform these with wonderful results compared to older more destructive techniques.

One of the most remarkable improvements to address sinus pressure and recurrent infections is using a balloon (similar to the device used in coronary arteries to dilate vessels) to dilate these occluded (clogged) sinus passageways. This procedure spares membrane tissue damage and reduces patient’s recovery time. The procedure is called Sinus Balloonplasty or Dilatation and can be performed in the office under local anesthesia. Follow up studies have proven to be as effective as conventional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. 

Numerous techniques are used to improve the occluded nasal airway. The septum or divider of the nose as well as the “bumps” on the sidewall are the most common causes of nasal passageway blockage. When performing the balloon sinuplasty, a septal blockage can be trimmed. The turbinates (bumps on the side of the nasal passageways) can also be reduced with the Yag laser. Nasal bone reshaping can also be performed to help improve the shape of a distorted nose. Insurance will usually cover sinus procedures and nasal reshaping if there is a history of trauma resulting in a nasal fracture with airway blockage.

Minimal downtime, less bleeding, and a reduced need for packing is noted with the Balloon Sinus procedure. The Lyons Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center can offer you the full spectrum of care for your nasal and sinus problems.