Laser Tattoo Removal Mobile

Our Ellman Tri-Lase Q-Yag System can painlessly remove tattoos of all sizes and ink colors.

Permanent tattoos aren’t as permanent as they once used to be, thanks to advanced laser tattoo removal procedures that can effectively diminish or completely remove even the darkest and largest tattoos, both professional and amateur – as well as permanent makeup tattoos.

Previous tattoo removal procedures deliver poor outcomes and invasive procedures put clients at significant risk for scarring and infection. The tattoo removal laser offered by Ellman® uses advanced technology that effectively targets the pigments used in tattoo ink, yet minimizes the effect on surrounding skin tissue.

The laser wavelengths can be selected to target a wide range of tattoo ink color, giving you maximum flexibility to treat a variety of tattoos with excellent results in as little as a few treatments. Adjustable spot sizes let you treat the smallest and biggest areas with ease and efficiency.

With the revolutionary Tri-Lase Q-switched yag laser, the number of tattoo treatments are reduced. With the most recent technology added to the Tri-Lase, the patients experience less pain and discomfort. Patients can also have numbing gel applied, if they come in 30 minutes before their treatment time. This uniform beam technology also is more efficient at fragmenting the iron oxide ink in the tattoo. This smaller fragmentation enables the patient’s own scavenger cells (macro phages) to eliminate this foreign material. Treatments are generally 6-8 weeks apart to allow time for the body to dispose of this material.

With patients wanting to complete their tattoo removal more rapidly, the Tri-Lase also is capable of performing an R-20 protocol. This technique allows 2 treatments performed in the same day with an intervening skin treatment for twenty minutes. Some patients with this protocol, experience clearance of the tattoo ink in half the time. The wavelengths we use are 532nm for the treatment of red, orange, yellow, light green, and purple tattoo inks. The 1064nm wavelength targets blue, indigo, black, and dark green tattoo inks. The Tri-Lase also has the ability to resurface irregularities in the skin with the micro ablative 2940nm erbium wavelength. Call the office for your free consultation, 251-344-0044.

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