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Advanced, low-level laser therapy used during and after a liposculpture procedure offers less swelling, less pain, less blood loss, faster healing and better skin retraction.

Numerous trials have been performed all over the world using this low level laser therapy and all are in agreement with the findings of a 30% reduction in healing time and over 50% decrease in pain noted in treated ares. The basis for this 635 NM wave lengths laser’s effectiveness is founf in it’s chemical modulation of the cells reducing the inflammatory process, promoting new tissue growth by stimulating fibroblasts and keratinocytes and diminishing scar tissue by activating macrophages and enhancing mirocirculation. The EML has been used for over 30 years in physical therapy and dentistry with success. The EML is FDA approved.

Low lever laser assisted liposuction is associated with no heat production and is a non ablative laser. Even though each area to be suctioned is treated for 12 minutes, the average operation time is reduced by 30% due to the ease of fat extraction. The fat harvested is a brighter yellow and more homegenous appearance. Patient’s Liposuctioned in the past report less swelling, less pain, less bruising and less drainage than found in previous procedures. These all translate into faster healing time, better results, and a safer procedure. Low Lever laser assisted Lipostructure us the future of Liposuction.

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Erchonia Medical Laser

A “Cold Laser”, it does not generate heat. Uses a photomechanical effect only on fluid filled fat cells. It creates a pore in the adipocytes membrane and allows the free fatty acids, triglycerides, and cholesterol to leak out of the cell. This laser reduces bruising, bleeding, swelling, eases extraction and reduces pain.

This Laser is used during liposuction surgery to liquefy fat and ease extraction. Due to its action on the fat cells it reduces discomfort, reduces bruising and bleeding, and accelerates healing. This laser also is used post operatively to reduce swelling accelerate healing.

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